The shiny object by Ryan

Ivyshadow padded towards the half-buried shiny object. She started lick her paw. She prodded it with her paw. It didn’t move. When she looked closely, she realised it was stuck. She began to dig to free the shiny object. ‘Ivyshadow!’ She spun around to greet the clan leader, Graystar. ‘Graystar!’ She mewed with some surprise. ‘Ivyshadow, what is that?’ Flicking his tail in the general direction of the shiny object. ‘I don’t know Graystar. I’m trying to find out.’ Ivyshadow stammered. Graystar meowed, ‘maybe twolegs dropped it.’ ‘Why?’ Ivyshadow asked. ‘Who knows why twolegs do anything? They’re crazy. Now let’s go back to camp.’ After giving her fur a quick wash, Ivyshadow followed her leader through the trees that lead to the THunderclan camp.