The Dangerous Teacup by Pia

It’s said, that on the thirty-first December, at three am, when everyone is tucked in their beds, the teacup comes!  This is no ordinary teacup. This teacup always lands in the same planet, the same continent, the same country, the same city, the same park, in the same place. Nobody knows how or where this intriguing object comes from.  I remember vividly when we went to the park at three am, to try and track this strange object down. We waited patiently. Eventually, we caught a glimpse of the teacup ricocheting down. The second it touched the ground there was a deafening scream and we fled.

One thought on “The Dangerous Teacup by Pia”

  1. Nice story Pia! I loved the description such and ‘There was a deafening scream and we fled!’ Great Job! Just a little constructive feedback: Maybe instead of writing three am just write 3AM! But otherwise this story was perfect! ?❤️

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