My perfect day! By Millie

What if I could be in charge for one day? I would absolutely, definitely wake up late. I’d probably leave my house at 9:30… wait, even better… at 10!! What if I could walk all by myself to school? That would be a dream come true, unimaginable! When I’d get to school, I would fly into art club, but not only stay for half an hour, but for a whole hour! After that, I’d go and have some fun with my friends and explore every corner of London with them. That would be my day. I know it’s short and snappy, but it’s actually quite fun when you think about it…

2 thoughts on “My perfect day! By Millie”

  1. Great job responding to this week’s 100wc prompt Millie! You did an excellent job of describing a perfect day. It actually sounds like quite a bit of fun. Your post was lighthearted and well written. Great job!

  2. Hi Millie!

    I’m Charlotte from Oamaru Intermediate School, New Zealand.
    Great work describing your perfect day, it sounds amazing! You have made it fun and exciting for the reader with your vocabulary and punctuation, your dragging us in to want more.
    I really enjoyed reading this!

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