The Incy Wincy spider by Alana

One day on a cold, damp morning I came out to the dark, stormy clouds. As I stepped out on to the rough, irritating door mat. Suddenly I heard a roar of an engine come to a stop and on the side it said ” drain life.” Mum had obviously ordered them to come clean the drains. We tried last week it was a total fail Tom (my brother) said he heard something move he shouted,”ITS HUGE , I think.”

At that moment I heard something over to my right.  Then the drain started to crack, it was making a sound like a screaming kettle, then in a wink of a eye it came down the drainpipe …

The Bloody Moon by George

On a bloody Tuesday, at midnight, three kids came across a haunted clock tower and decided to go in… little did they know that they were about to get eaten by a venomous red snake! They cycled into the tower and the door slammed shut behind them. The kids were now quivering madly, “hiss”, said the snake . Before they could escape they saw a tiny drop of blood trickle down the wall. “Drip, drip, drip.”- they froze on the spot, raised their heads up fearfully, until they caught a glimpse of a bloody fang. Their fate was sealed. DEAD!