Chuckie’s teacup by Sophie.G

One day in Wisdom Street, a perfect little girl, named Molly,begged her generous guardians to get her a puppet which came  with a tea set. Not for any particular reason, just to make her collection a tiny bit bigger. However, what she did not know yet was that her collection was actually going to diminish…

As per usual, her wish was  granted.

Soon after, to her despair, she found five of her elegant puppets on the floor with their insides neatly ripped out and Chuckie, her new addition, sitting on the window sill, brandishing a teacup full of the stuffing, with an adorable face on, as if nothing had happened.

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  1. from Ela in 5 pessotto Sophie great story about Chuckie like the street name and like perfect molly

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