The shiny object by Ryan

Ivyshadow padded towards the half-buried shiny object. She started lick her paw. She prodded it with her paw. It didn’t move. When she looked closely, she realised it was stuck. She began to dig to free the shiny object. ‘Ivyshadow!’ She spun around to greet the clan leader, Graystar. ‘Graystar!’ She mewed with some surprise. ‘Ivyshadow, what is that?’ Flicking his tail in the general direction of the shiny object. ‘I don’t know Graystar. I’m trying to find out.’ Ivyshadow stammered. Graystar meowed, ‘maybe twolegs dropped it.’ ‘Why?’ Ivyshadow asked. ‘Who knows why twolegs do anything? They’re crazy. Now let’s go back to camp.’ After giving her fur a quick wash, Ivyshadow followed her leader through the trees that lead to the THunderclan camp.

Teacup dance by Reia

It was the Easter holidays. A warm afternoon, the orange sunset shimmered across the damp grass. As a little girl called Polly was getting in to bed when she heard, a soft noise,it was not an a alarming one but rather, interesting. Polly just under the age of seven put her bright red wellingtons on, and followed that noise. As she got nearer, it became clear that the noise was a soft tinkling. As red wellingtons ruffled the grass,  a small teacup came in view to reveal pixies dancing in tune. Ting ting ting-a-ling. Polly smiled as she climbed in to bed remembering what was not a dream.

The Cup of Doom by Josh

Tom was playing on the street when an old Lady dropped a cup onto his lawn. He ran inside and found that the cup was burying it self into the ground. It stopped when He touched it. Tom tried to pull it out but it wouldn’t move. It was glued to the ground half above half under. Just then he got sucked into it. Inside there was a humongous hole. Inside his head he heard a sound echoing,” welcome to the cup of doom, there is only one way to escape and that is too jump into the hole.” Tom terrified jumped into the hole.

Magic Pot by George

It was a normal day in Milan’s garden. Suddenly there was a Big Bang. So he went out where it came from, when he got there was pot full with dirt. He wondered what could happened here and why did the thief want the dirt. When he got the tea pot and filled it with dirt it turned to gold. Milan was amazed by the pots power so he kept it in a safe place in the basement. Everyday Milan went to his garden and filled the pot with dirt and this time it turned to diamonds. So he got rich and richer.

Go Play In The Garden! by Emma

‘Oh come on guys! You’re always on your electronics! Why don’t you go play in the garden! It’s a beautiful sunny day!’ Mum always moans about us being so unsociable! I mean come on, my 2 brothers and I need some chill out time! ‘Ugh, fine! Come on, Jack and Emma! Lets go play outside!’ Oliver, my other brother, said. We walked on to the silky grass, trying to think of what game to play. ‘What the… look! There’s a giant teacup! Why don’t we go explore it!’ Jack excitedly said. We all took slow steps as we walked towards the gigantic teacup. When we were right in front of it, I pushed Oliver in front of me, so he could go first. ‘AAHHH!!!!!!’ Oliver had been sucked into the teacup! I made sure Jack went next. ‘GUYS! WHAT ABOUT ME????’ I had no choice but to go in. ‘Here I go…’