An expensive mishap. By Spike Kanareck

The Roman blacksmith and intellectual, Guevero Zachitti, had become incredibly proficient at his chosen vocation. However, he had the misfortune to employ an inept assistant by the name of Carlton Puchinni.

Guevero had found Carlton living on the streets of Rome, bankrupt and in terrible debt and had taken him on as lowly-paid labourer.

Our tail begins on a clear-skied, scorching day with the stout, rapacious nobleman Holmers Patavinski.

Holmers desired vastly expensive antiques and he commissioned from Guevero an exquisite teapot. The talented Guevero instantly responded by crafting one of the most beautiful objects known to humanity: it was a china teapot rimmed with gold.

Guevero sent Carlton to deliver the precious teapot to Holmers, who lived in the hills on the outskirts of Rome. Carlton, in an attempt to impress his employer, rushed and darted through the mystical heaths and into the hills, but he was startled by the deafening howl of a lone wolf. Carlton, petrified, dropped the teapot, then fled.

The same teapot can still be seen today for the rough undergrowth has now been cut down and it lies implanted in the ground next to the river bank: a mystery to all who see it.