The alien invasion

Once it was a nice and warm day in London but unfortunately it started raining but we were alright “at least it is not a storm” I said but the second I said that thunder came pouring in shouting across the city suddenly ufo’s Came wizzing in whith space ship’s chasing it right BIG BEN “QUICK WE GOT TO SAVE THEM”screeched tom “WHO”I screamed “ THE PRIDE OF LONDON THE BIG BEN WHAT DO YOU MEEN WHO than suddenly a tea cup fell on my head sorry I do not remember anything more sorry children anyway you got to go to bed now

The magical teacup by Cecelia.L

In the old rose  Garden behind the wall there stood  an  enormous fine bone china teacup embedded in green grass .Legend has it that whoever enters the cup will be granted a small fortune. People from all over the world had tried without any success but no one had the right magical name . One day an odd young girl unfortunately named VIOLA STRUDEL  entered the garden and climbed into the fine bone China cup the cup said what is your name within minutes the cup turned into a giant tea party scene everything was made of gold. VIOLA STRUDEL decided to give her fortune to a donkey sanctuary and to this day , the donkeys have golden teeth eat strudel and live happily in Cornwall by the sea.

The little alien By Lilia

He was only a small little thing when we found him, curled up in a ball, cold and hungry looking for a home.We always wondered where he came from or wat he was but all I know for sure is that he came in a big tea cup, decorated with gold patterns that swirled and curled all over this cup of his, but he loved his cup and the cup loved him back.

Even though he didn’t look like us or do things like us, we welcomed him into our life’s. He was green and cute with thick fur, he was a little alien, my little alian.

The Strange Tea Cup By Poppy

Once I went into the school canteen and I saw  the dinner lady mixing something, in an oversized tea cup. It was straight out of a  fairy tale. It was huge. I desperately wanted to ask her what she was doing but I didn’t have the courage  to.  All of a sudden she spilt something pink, extremely pink,maybe it was blood.She brought over another small teacup and poured some of the liquid into it and drank it all down. She started growing taller and slimmer, her short  grey hair turned a golden blonde her appearance had , had a dramatic change. 

Chuckie’s teacup by Sophie.G

One day in Wisdom Street, a perfect little girl, named Molly,begged her generous guardians to get her a puppet which came  with a tea set. Not for any particular reason, just to make her collection a tiny bit bigger. However, what she did not know yet was that her collection was actually going to diminish…

As per usual, her wish was  granted.

Soon after, to her despair, she found five of her elegant puppets on the floor with their insides neatly ripped out and Chuckie, her new addition, sitting on the window sill, brandishing a teacup full of the stuffing, with an adorable face on, as if nothing had happened.